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Bible Stories and Contemporary Times in Poetic Lines

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In an examination presented in verse, Bible Stories and Contemporary Times in Poetic Lines focuses on the connection between biblical stories and our modern lives. The rainbow on the cover represents biblical stories as a whole, while the computer symbolizes the modern times in which we live. Whether the subject is ancient or modern times, however, human nature and behavior have not changed very much; the lessons in the Bible are as vitally important to everyday life now as they were when they were first written.

Including both beloved Bible stories and contemporary topics as told in poetry, this collection seeks to enable readers to improve their understanding of key Bible passages and to increase their biblical knowledge. Reflect on both the ancient and the modern with this unique compilation of verse.

Put In but Driven Out
Adam, In and Out of the Garden

Genesis 2:8-24

The good Lord had created the very first man
And gave him the masculine name of Adam,
Soon after God planted a lovely garden
In a beautiful place, called the Garden of Eden.

The garden was huge with rich soil deposit,
As four big rivers did flow through it.
And beautiful foliage did grow all around,
Some serving as food to make Adam strong

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