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Unbidden Desires

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In this sequel to Hidden Feelings, the exciting adventures of Lori and Julie continue. The young women struggle through dilemmas and various relationships, while experiencing their unbidden desire for each other.

They long for time to enjoy the laughter and the fun filled adventures they experienced during the summer. As they search for ways to share precious moments together, they are suddenly faced with danger.

Lori heard a noise downstairs like glass breaking. Then she heard the kitchen door closing. Definitely someone was in the house.

She quietly went out into the dark hall, leaving Julie in the bedroom, talking on the phone, and unaware of the intruder.

Lori heard a bump, as someone whacked their shins on the coffee table, and she heard a whispered, Damn! The raspy male voice caused her heart to jump into overdrive. She looked around in the darkness hoping to see something she could use, like a baseball bat, but there was nothing.

Quiet but heavy footsteps started up the stairs

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