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Words of Wisdom®: Nursing

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The field of nursing has been built and shaped by outstanding and innovative nurses like those who share their words of nursing wisdom here. Many of these participating nurses devote their time and talents to research, many have written journal articles and text books that are used on a daily basis, many train other nurses, and each and every one of them have devoted themselves to caring for patients and have helped evolve the medical specialty of nursing into the vibrant, diverse, and challenging field that it is today. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to sit down with each of these nurses in person and absorb as much of their knowledge as possible, to hear their stories and their words of wisdom. But we all know that this is impossible because we are all in different locations around the country. Let this book be a way for you to have a brief meeting with these amazing nurses. I think you will find, as I have in my own medical education and practice, and in compiling this book, that they have much wisdom to share.

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