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Golden Kingdom



The Golden Kingdom is a novelette which will surely touch the heels of the shack book and deliver a different perspective on the creation story which is the Genesis of all creation. This is Micah De'Angelo at his best.

There is a place where darkness cannot penetrate. The Golden Kingdom is a place where people, animals, angels and planets can all co-exist on one accord. This magnificent place is known as The Golden Kingdom Of God. It is a realm within its own dimension for which feeds off the pure unadulterated energy of the Grand Architect (God). For this kingdom is more than just a city on high, The Golden Kingdom is a living breathing organism within itself for which never dies and never grows old. The Golden Kingdom is a place of complete opulence and radiates with the glory that only the Grand Architect knows how to shine.   

Nestled between the timeline between the first creation of man and man's big fall. The Golden Kingdom outlines with an assuring tone, the very dept of the Grand Architect and his conversations with Yeshua (Jesus)…

     There are miracles from heaven that can only be dreamed of, yet The Golden Kingdom centers around the conversations between the Grand Architect and Yeshua to form an opinion about man that has never been seen before. Heaven is for real and The Golden Kingdom is too. The Grand Architect's desire is for everyone to join him in the Kingdom. Now is the time for you to download this book and take a trip to The Golden Kingdom through the lens of Micah De' Angelo.

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