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Three E’s of Doo Wop: The Echoes, Elegants & Excellents

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Three E's of Doo Wop briefly tells how vocal groups the Echoes (Baby Blue), the Elegants (Little Star) and the Excellence (Coney Island Baby), came to be. It relates how these superb vocal groups came together, how they honed their talents and how they came to choose the hit song they'd most be remembered by. All three groups came from NYC's Brooklyn area in the late 50s, where it seemed you could find a fledgling group harmonizing under every street lamp, bridge or tenement hallway. A list of their songs/records accompanies their biographies. Three E’s of Doo Wop is a quick, fun and informative read about a wonderful music era and a trio of these fine groups. If you like the magnificent music of 50s vocal groups, you'll love Three E's of Doo Wop!

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