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Bodhisattva and Sujata

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It was 10th June 2018, a very cold night in Melbourne, Australia. “Bodhisattva Chetan” time traveled from “Brighter World” to “Federation Square” in Melbourne CBD. There is a worm hole connecting brighter world to earth beneath Federation Square. Bodhisattva had to simply jump into the worm hole and reach “Federation Square”. Bodhisattva checked the clock hanging in Federation Square Church. The time was 12:05 am. Bodhisattva had come to Melbourne for a special purpose. Lord Buddha asked Bodhisattva to help liberate Sujata. Sujata was a crucial person helping Buddha to attain liberation. In this life, Sujata had come to study in Melbourne. Her life would soon turn upside down, she would be forced to commit suicide. Suicide would reduce her consciousness level significantly. She would have to roam Melbourne as a ghost till end of her life. Which would make her consciousness level go downhill. Even “Lord Buddha” would not be able to help Sujata.

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