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The Syrein of Alserrac: The Last Sorceress

329 pages5 hours


When twin sorceresses Marissa and Amaia are born in Alserrac, a series of events is set in motion that will see the country devastated by war and famine, and the community of wise women known as the Syrein banished from its shores.
While one twin will rise to be the Syrein’s first and only Queen, the other will find her place - and her power - at the court of the infamous wizards of Halskird.
In this epic tale of exile, resistance and love, humans and dragons join together to bring the Syrein back to Alserrac and to save the last sorceress.
Creating a world where sorcery and dragons are commonplace, religious persecution rife, and the threat of war never far away, this novel features a cast of unforgettable and multi-faceted characters from the powerful sorceresses themselves to the resourceful Tindall sisters; from the sinister Elders to the brave young warriors of the rebel army. Moving and exciting, The Syrein of Alserrac will appeal to anyone with a taste for adventure and magic.

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