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The Inter Religious Marriage

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In this fiction,People find love ,romance ,inspiration and knowledge about the International law relating to marriage made by the United Nations Organizations .This Fiction deals with story or struggle of a lover who removed the evils behind the Inter religious marriage because in India ,if anyone Do Inter religious marriage , it is deemed to a serious sin .And all the person of society opposes the Inter religious marriage and sometimes may be committed murder of Inter religious marriage couple. However Balvinder Inter religious marriage with Jessica. Although , his marriage is opposed by the villagers.Although, right to marriage is fundamental right declared by Not only United Nations but also by the Supreme court Of India under Part 3 of Indian Constitution.In this fiction, main character is Balvinder singh who do everything ,many sacrifices for his love and finally married to Jessica.Jessica is most Beautiful singer in United States . In India ,Inter religious Marriage are accepted by the Society.

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