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Vuel Illustrated Edition

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Predictive Romantic Erotic science fiction. The planet is Vul, life is called VUEL. Humans there are Vuelans
Galecia - vuelan name: Aeia- thought the stories her parents told her were only fairy tales. When she turned 18 they told her the stories were true. She didn't believe them. Years later, Alicia and college friends Ranger- in vuel: Kregt and Suzann- in vuel: Ua are drinking margaritas together one evening. The next place they go is to the planet Vul.
Many Earth humans are brought to Vul for their talent and beauty. They are trained to use charisma to influence and guide Vuelan society-the VUEL of the planet. Other Earth humans, taken with the chosen, must find their own way. They all must overcome malice, stupidity and cruelty to survive...VUEL.
These stories of Aeia, Kregt, Ua and others are telepathically sent to Earth and organized into the books of VUEL. Images of the characters, rendered by John Gate included in this edition Compatible with E Readers

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