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Shut Down and Open Up - A Biconical Extravaganza

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It seems that John O'Loughlin has reserved his best work until last, for this largely philosophical title represents not merely a summation of his philosophical progress over four decades, but virtually a complete overhaul of what he had previously assumed to be logically definitive, and to an extent that the comprehensive nature of his logical structures here finds its apotheosis, so to speak, in what must surely be the most advanced analysis of the atomic and pseudo-atomic components underlying all human activity humanly possible. One reads this book at one's peril; for, quite apart from the unrelenting complexity of its sequential structures, there is no turning back from the conclusions it reaches on the most exactingly comprehensive logical terms and, for him, no further progress to be made in the realm of moral certitude concerning the struggle of what he calls 'nurtural libertarianism'against natural determinism and the exact constituents of each across all the atomic and pseudo-atomic options.

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