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Turn Your Blogs and Talks Into Books

65 pages32 minutes


A combination of books, blogs, articles, and promotional materials can help you build your business success in various ways. TURN YOUR BLOGS AND TALKS INTO BOOKS shows you how to do this, which will help you:

- Increase your credibility and authority

- Gain more recognition

- Grow your brand

- Build your reputation

- Promote your business

- Get invitations to speak

- Conduct workshops and seminars

- Sell your book and make money

- Help you get more clients and customers

- Increase your fees

- And more.

The book includes chapters on these topics:

- Deciding what to include in your blogs and books

- How to organize your material

- How to turn your talks into a book

- How to work with a writer to create your blog or book

- Self-publishing your book as a print, e-book, or audio book

- Using your book to promote your business

- Different book formats

- Using photos or illustrations

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