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Shadow Warrior: Wade Ferris Chronicles, #1

420 pages5 hours


Two Men – An Invading Alien Army
The Prize

Wade Ferris had given up fighting for others, or so he thought. Content to run the small motel he had bought in the beachfront area of Waikanae. The quiet life suited him, especially in winter when there no guests to worry about. 
Tonight, was no different than any other winter's night. It was raining hard and the sound of the breakers hitting the beach made everything seem normal. The night, however, wasn't going to be like every other night. It was going to be the first night in a series of events that would drag him into a fight for survival against a force of Extraterrestrial Invaders that planned to colonize Earth and make it their own. 
There was one problem with that idea. It was his world, and he wanted it back. He had fought and bled for it and no one was going to take it away from him without a fight. If the Invaders wanted it so badly, they would pay dearly for it. 

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