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Cemetery Ghosts



Simon usually loved going on school outings. He loved seeing all the new places. He loved learning about new things – or old things. But this one was different.
The Penny Woodley was an old sailing ship. Over two hundred years ago, she sailed the seas. She brought supplies and settlers to a new world. Today, she was in dry dock, restored as a museum at a small inlet of the city’s main shipping harbor. And she was haunted.
“It’ll be fun,” Simon’s mum had told him when she signed the permission form.
“It’s haunted,” Simon told her.
“We went on that cemetery tour and had fun,” Mum smiled. “You didn’t see any ghosts there, did you?”
Simon didn’t answer. He sighed heavily. He’d never told his mum about the ghost he’d seen. Or of the times he’d visited the cemetery and met other ghosts.
Those times, he’d had his friends, Lisa and Jack, with him. But Lisa and Jack didn’t go to his school. And the ghost of the Penny Woodley was scary.

Are there such things as ghosts? Is the Penny Woodley haunted?
Read this creepy tale to find out!

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