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Penllyn, Bleddyn's Story: The Penllyn Chronicles

Length: 98 pages1 hour


He has to choose who will be the next Lady of Penllyn. But can he avoid war in the process?

Bleddyn's duty is to Penllyn. Someday he will take his father's place as Lord of the cantref. An unexpected thunderstorm, an old crone, and dreams of a game against a long-dead king lead the young lord and his brother to aid a Lady in distress and turn away from meeting with his anticipated bride.

Faced with marriage to Lord Fadog's daughter, or strong-willed Lady Rhian, Bleddyn will have to make a choice that will affect not only his life but the future success of his people. Will his choice for the next Lady Penllyn lead his family and his people to war?

Penllyn, Bleddy's Story is the first stand-alone story in The Penllyn Chronicles, the prequel series to Troy A. Hill's Cup of Blood Celtic fantasy series. Penllyn draws the reader into the world of political intrigue, the magical machinations of an ancient Celtic Goddess, and deadly combat.

Pick up Penllyn today, to explore the exciting new dark fantasy series in Dark Ages Wales.

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