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Cursed, Ruadh's Story: The Penllyn Chronicles

Length: 118 pages1 hour


Ualan is dead. Now his brothers want to kill Ruadh, too

First, they killed his father, the clan chief. Then they killed Ualan, Ruadh's only ally.

Ruadh is the youngest of four brothers who share the curse of their father, and his father before him. All are ruled by the moon, and must release their inner bear whenever the orb is full. Almost unkillable, someone - one of his brothers - has done the unthinkable. Their father, the clan chief, is dead. Murdered.

When Ruadh finds his only ally, his brother Ualan murdered as well, he has only one option. To flee before his two older brothers kill him, too. Their battle for the open Chief's Chair is already bloody, and will only get worse.

He renounces his title, throws his sword at his brothers' feet, and flees his clan hall and beloved homeland in the northern highlands. But his brothers are not his only worry. Why is he being pursued by a mysterious woman in green?

Has she been sent by his brothers? Who is she? Will he be able to escape with his life, or will one of his brothers sink their claws into his back before he finds a new home far away from his homicidal kin?

Click today to download this standalone novella in the exciting new Paranormal Dark Fantasy series. 

Cursed, Ruadh's Story is a stand-alone novella in The Penllyn Chronicles series. Download today to enter this fascinating world of Swords, Sorcery, Shifters and Vampires, and Ancient Celtic Goddess in Dark Ages Britain.

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