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Keep Your Health in Perfect Condition: Keep your physical and mental condition healthy in simple steps

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The book Simple Steps to Keep Your Physical and Mental Health, written by Rena Andersch is made compact for a reason: to deliver on its promise of simplicity while helping you achieve so much as far as your physical and mental health is concerned.

Broken down into 12 key parts with exercises and tasks you can start doing immediately, you will surely be the better for reading the book.

The first section is an overview of simple steps you can take to keep your physical and mental health in prime condition.
The second section is how you keep a healthier lifestyle.
The third focuses on the importance of nutrition.
The fourth and fifth focus on exercises to stay fit and tips to start exercising.
The six takes it further by focusing on aerobic exercises, the seventh part on Pilates, the eight on weight lifting and resistance training.
The ninth part focuses on techniques to improve your mental health.
The tenth on Tai-chi and how it helps your health mentally and physically.
The eleventh explores the tool of meditation to get prime mental and physical health.
The last and twelfth part focuses on how Yoga improves our lives in immeasurable ways.

This is a book that will take you through all you need to keep your physical and mental health in top form without bogging you down with confusing or complex information.

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