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Using Fundamental Analysis for REIT Investments

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Analysing REITs requires fundamental research and analysis techniques to look at current and historical performance. Leave the technical analysis to the day traders who are looking for short-term gains. You as a REIT investor are in it for the long haul and by periodically using fundamental analysis you can make balanced decisions about which REITs to acquire, which REITs to hold and which REITs to sell. By the end of this guide you will understand:

•Analysis of REIT markets
•How to gather sources of information
•The tools required to analyse the performance and valuation of a REIT
•The risks involved with investing in REITs

This is a neat little guide on this particular area of research and analysis technique for REIT investments. Any serious investors who are looking to pick their own stocks should get a good understanding of the basics of researching and analysing good quality REIT stocks. An investor should be looking for stable REITs that can provide consistent dividends and yields.

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