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Prostitution in Indonesia

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In this book, Jack Falworth draws upon his own personal knowledge, as well as extensive research, to present a detailed account of prostitution in Indonesia. Much of the book is devoted to describing prostitution in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, but attention is also given to prostitution in other parts of Indonesia.
Like all professions, prostitution has its own hierarchy, and in Indonesia the highest class are the celebrity prostitutes—film actresses, pop singers and adult magazine models—who charge thousands of dollars for their sexual favors.
The other classes in more or less descending order are: (a) "campus chicks" (female college students who moonlight as prostitutes); (b) singers, dancers and lady companions in nightlife venues; (c) massage parlor girls; and (d) street hookers.
As well as dealing with the different classes of prostitute, the book also devotes various chapters to describing ritual prostitution in Central Java, online prostitution, and prostitution on the tourist islands of Bali and Batam.
One of the most interesting chapters tells of prostitution in Aceh, the only Indonesian province to be subject to Islamic sharia law. In Aceh, prostitutes are punished by being savagely whipped in front of large crowds of cheering spectators.

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