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Jimmy vs. Vampires: The Family Avengers

Length: 66 pages26 minutes


Includes FREE "Jimmy vs. Vampires" Audiobook inside!

That's right...For a limited time you can download a FREE mp3 audiobook version of this sequel to the #1 Bestseller: "Grandma vs. Zombies…" "Jimmy vs. Vampires!"

You and your kids will laugh out loud as you listen to this hilarious audiobook (complete with super-hero sound effects!) while reading along & paging through 19 amazing comic book illustrations of vampire-slaying action & kick-butt weapons!

Here's what readers are saying about the first book in the "Family Avengers' series, "Grandma vs. Zombies:

 * "Ridiculously perfect for a 9-12 year old boy!...Oh, and awesome pictures to complete the experience!"
 * "J.B. O'Neil has scored another winner with Grandma Vs. Zombies! The illustrations are a - delight also. With the addition of the free audio book, listening to the audio while looking at the pictures was great fun."
 * "My grandchildren have several of JB Oneil's other books and they love them but this one had them rolling around on the floor laughing hysterically."

One 10 year old boy vs. an ancient Vampire Overlord? No problem!

Young Jimmy Beezer is about to get his first ever solo mission as a member of the Family Avengers. It's a simple task: slay a rogue vampire that's holed itself up in the creepy old abandoned arcade across town.

But Jimmy's first mission becomes a whole lot more dangerous when he accidentally discovers a diabolical plot, one so sinister that it would threaten first Jimmy's hometown, then the world…and there's not enough time to save it before dinner! Will Jimmy succeed, or even SURVIVE?

If Jimmy is going to stand a chance, he'll need to use all of his best vampire-slaying weapons, including:

 * His duel water pistols…packed with vampire-scalding holy water!
 * His sturdy Louisville slugger baseball bat…with a sharpened stake grip for vampire impaling!
 * His sweet skateboard…that hides a sliver-bladed surprise for undead monsters!


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