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Video Game Ninjas 2: Attack of the Cucumber Monsters!: Video Game Ninjas, #2

Length: 64 pages32 minutes


Are The Video Game Ninjas Gonna Be Salad!?

Josh, the Red Ninja, hates his little brother. But when an evil dark ninja uses an army of cucumberobsessed monsters to kidnap him, Josh and the Video Game Ninjas will have to fight to get him back before Josh's parents find out! 

But as strong as they are, the Video Game Ninjas will need to find and master a brand-new power, if they're going to stand a chance of beating the cucumber people... 

With 24 full color comic-book illustrations, tons of video game action, and a jungle's worth of vegetables, Video Game Ninjas 2 will have you and your family's noses glued to the page! You don't want to miss:

* Heart-thumping speed as the boys race to the rescue in their new set of wheels!

* Superhuman powers when the boys build a bridge out of thin air!

* Action and thrills when the Ninjas clash against hundreds of spear-wielding monsters!

* An all-new Super Ninja Power: what's the secret to saving Josh's brother?

* Mysteries and suspense…who is the new sinister villain behind it all?

Find out how they'll save the world, and Josh's bratty brother, in Video Game Ninjas 2: Attack of the Cucumber Monsters. Grab a copy now while this limited-time special price is still available!

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Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4 and up

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