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Grandma vs. Zombies: The Family Avengers

Length: 44 pages16 minutes


Hold onto your dentures…

When a hoard of hungry zombies attacks a peaceful little town, there's only one person that can stop them. It's not a mutant superhero, and it's not a musclebound action movie hero…

Meet The Family Avengers!

It's Grandma Beezer, the oldest and greatest of The Family Avengers, a seemingly ordinary family out to save the world by any means necessary. With 16 action-packed illustrations of zombie-slaying action and hilarious kick-butt weapons, "Grandma vs. Zombies" will keep your kid's noses glued to the page. 

Grandma Beezer has everything she needs right in her handbag to slay the zombies and get home in time for tea, like:

* Her trusty old-lady cane…with an unbreakable titanium core!

* Her knitting needles…perfect for sweaters and for zombies! Find out why!

* Her signature cookie-firing gatling gun, the Cookie Carnage 9000!

Grandma's been fighting zombies since they were in black and white, and she's going old-school in "Grandma vs. Zombies."

Find out how she'll save the town by buying "Grandma vs. Zombies" now!

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