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Bitter Truth: A Beacon Falls Thriller featuring Lucy Guardino

Length: 352 pages3 hours


From New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons:

Former FBI Special Agent Lucy Guardino faces what may be her greatest challenge: turning forty.


It’s been some birthday, filled with black balloons and gag gifts, a visit to her surgeon who isn’t happy with the way her leg has healed and suggests amputation as an option “before she gets too old,” and now a missed message from an old friend, a sheriff in a remote region of Idaho’s Bitterroot mountains, who needs her help.


Lucy calls back only to learn he’s missing, presumed dead. Was it an accident? Suicide? Murder? The grieving widow and stunned community aren’t sure what the truth is.


Accompanied by her husband, Nick, and armed only with her intuition, Lucy journeys into the wilderness to find her friend and solve the mystery. 


At least that’s the plan. Until Nick ends up in the crosshairs of a killer more cunning and devious than any Lucy has faced before. But what if she is too old, grown too slow, no longer has what it takes to bring down a killer?


Will Nick pay the ultimate price for Lucy’s relentless quest for the truth?

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