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Orders to Leave

Length: 419 pages6 hours


“Ruby McCarthy is such an attention seeker! First she gets herself rescued by Commander Cassidy just seconds before we crashed into a mountain and then she demands her rifle back from this alien Raagaa who grabbed it from her before she shot him in the face and took it back and then while I dive out of the way she faces off with a demon wolf and comes out asking for a souvenir tooth. Come on, Rube! You’re 15 now! Grow up!”
-Savannah Jbouri, age 17, squad 8, Jacks Company, US

“Dios mio! I hurt everywhere! I feel like I was run over by a truck but it was really just a 1⁄2 ton demon wolf that wanted to eat me.”
-Venus Bennett, age 19, squad 6 leader, Jacks Company, Chile

“These days the best thing about being the co-pilot of a transport lander is that I have a nice big onboard cabin all to myself. That may change soon if we don’t get Barcelona back from this mission. Of course it won’t matter if I don’t make it back either!”
-Major Rachel Gibbs, Co-pilot, CTL Barcelona, US

The colony ship Marco Polo is almost at the colony with over two thousand new Colonial Rangers but alien reinforcements are on the way there too. In their mountain valley Jacks Company knows that packs of demon wolves will be coming soon and they’ll have no choice but to fight those monsters.

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