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Misty Blue

Length: series


‘I been around mean people before, they don’t trouble me none. I can raise the fire and bring down damnation when I have a mind. Lord, I’ve called on the lightning, lifted the waters and ridden the fury. My right hand revenges and my left hand’s a leveler, it don’t do to rile me if you’ve a passion for breathing. I can snuff out the unseemly and undo the ungodly with the crook of my finger. I’m a man of the forest, a king of the hill so don’t be a-feared of the obscene and lowly, they won’t deter me or their destruction distress me. Besides, maybe I’d like to go visit my sister and see how she’s doing.’

Misty Blue has made it.
He finally arrives home but things have changed whilst he’s been up in the mountains and it is not the place he left twenty years ago. Whilst Misty intends seeking out what has happened to his dispersed family he comes across a young girl in distress and has to undertake a river trip for her safety. But there are mean folk on her trail, men without mercy that are involved in lucrative criminal activities they don’t want disturbed. To keep their schemes undiscovered they must dispose of both Misty and his young charge.
They should know better, you need a long spoon you want to sit down and sup with the devil and Misty Blue is cooking up more than plain vittles this trip. His particular fare comes in .50 caliber brass cups and tends to lie heavy on the stomach.

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