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Into the Valley of Quietus

Length: 430 pages6 hours


The second book of a trilogy, Into the Valley of Quietus, is a historical drama, adventure set in the frontier wilderness of the British colonies from Pennsylvania to Nova Scotia in the late 1750's. In a bloody conflict between Great Britain and France, fighting over the control of North America, it is also a frontier in transition, where growing numbers of settlers and transportees are increasing pressure on the mighty Iroquois nation.
Orphaned by his arch enemy, ruthless Hessian mercenary Johan Kopf, the infamous Totenkopf, Finn, and his friends get refuge in a frontier fortress of Fort Edward, New York.
Finn struggles with his keen sense of loneliness, having lost the love of his life Rosie, and learns to rely on his band of underdog friends, Olaudah “Gus” Equiano, a freed slave; Marcus Fronto, eccentric wanderer turned Finn's mentor; and Daniel Nimham, a fierce Wappinger warrior. Then, Finn's feelings are torn apart as he meets a beautiful and complex woman, Catherina Brett.
Against all the odds, this motley group of unruly survivalists is determined to carve a place of their own in a world gone mad. They join the first special operations units of all time, the notorious Rogers Rangers. Major Robert Rogers is the only one who enlists anyone willing, able and ready to fight in his ranks of irregular, unyielding and unforgiving Rangers.
As the action-packed drama unfolds, Finn grows from the confused young man who overcomes his inner fears to face some life and death challenges. This growth is not always flawless, and along the way, a few severe blunders are made.
The reader is drawn fighting fit in the middle of the crisis as people struggle to survive hardships brought onto them by greedy aristocrats. In the battlefields, razor-sharp swords catch the sun, and arrows and muskets flash, while on the home front, the American provincials engage in a bitter exertion for survival.

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