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Bowling Case

Length: 66 pages51 minutes


Patrolman Jones must find a female bowling replacement for the police championship match. He asks patrolman Rage.
The teams are about tied going into the final game. Rage has an outstanding game going into the ninth and tenth frames.
Masked men with automatic weapons descend on the bowling alley. Before anyone can even move, masked men move in and start to remove every bowling ball. They also take all the balls at the bowling stations. Most of these are privately owned. A few people are clubbed down when they protest the taking of their balls.
The people in the alley are ordered to remain for ten minutes and they will not be harmed. A few people panic and become a mob. The few police can’t stop the stampede to the doors. The doors are trapped with explosives and kill those opening them.
The FBI is handling the case but with little to go on. They did not invite Rage or Jones to help them. After a second FBI team is formed, they seek out both Rage and Jones.
The FBI has yet to decide exactly what they wanted; was it the alley’s balls, the private balls, the land the alley sits on, or was it a practice for a bigger event?

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