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Pick Pocket Case

Length: 51 pages36 minutes


Pick pocketing is a lost art
A rare sunshiny day in Seattle, a pick pocket, and his hand off partner are working at lunch. Unfortunately for them, Detective Rage and patrolman Jones are having lunch outside. The suspects are both taken to the grass and cuffed. But Detective Rage is staring at a revolver as she starts to get up. The gunman tells the pick pocket to get up and run away.
Detective Rage has no visible weapon in her right hand as she stands up. She is holding her right hands fingers wide apart. In the next instant the gunman is hit with three rounds from a Colt 45 Detective Rage is holding in her left hand. The pick pocket and partner are taken into custody.
Several hours later the suspects, Rage and Jones are racing in Rage’s car to the home of the pick pockets. Their baby, baby sitter and everyone else run out of the sliding door of the house. Jones kicks holes in the neighbor’s wooden fences to escape the house. After leaving the house an explosion levels it.
They all go into hiding.

Meanwhile a pair of gaming programmers want to make it big and quite their jobs they now have. They hack, steal, and borrow code where ever they can find it at night at home.
The gamers hope to sell a new game, but other people are interested in it for other reasons.

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