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How to Promote & Conduct a Successful Revival

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Revival is in the air. Thoughtful ministers and Christians everywhere are talking about a revival, expecting a revival, and, best of all, praying for a revival. There seems to be little doubt that a revival of some kind is coming, but the important question is, What kind of a revival will it be? Will it be a true revival, sent of God because His people have met the conditions that make it possible for God to work with power, or will it be a spurious revival gotten up by the arts and devices of man? A business man who is in touch with religious movements in all parts of the country said to me recently, “There is little doubt that a revival of some kind is coming, and the revival that is coming will be either the greatest blessing or the greatest curse that has ever visited the church of Christ.”
There are thousands of ministers and other Christian workers in the land longing for a true revival of God’s work, but with no experimental or even theoretical knowledge of how to go to work to promote such a revival. It is our earnest prayer and confident expectation that this book will prove helpful to all such.

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