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London Bound: Addison Chronicles, #1

Length: 97 pages1 hour


Recent college grad, Addison Odell, throws caution to the wind when she rejects the pressure to dive into "real life" by getting a job and buys a ticket to Europe for six weeks of exploration with the Club Europa group. A small town girl from South Dakota, she is eager to experience the world but is unprepared for the reality of what that truly means. 

From the chaos of lost luggage at Heathrow to the mystique of foreign men, Addison is way out of her comfort zone and is forced to stand completely on her own two feet for the first time in her twenty-two years. Independence takes on a different meaning when an ocean separates her from all she's ever known. 

The lure of the London night scene challenges Addison to take chances and shake off some of her small town shyness, but will she be able to step into this new world without losing herself completely? 

**This is book one of six part series.**

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