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Ten Lessons: An Introduction to Black History

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TEN LESSONS: AN INTRODUCTION TO BLACK HISTORY reviews the journey of African Americans in the United States like no other history book does. After reading it one understands why several independent Black schools chose to include it as a Black History textbook, and why persons who thought they were well-versed in Black history realized they had not understood it that much. TEN LESSONS presents important information about Black history that is often ignored and reveals how blatant the racism is that dominates most traditional histories of African Americans and the United States. TEN LESSONS highlights the strengths and weaknesses of Black People, details how the strengths can be emphasized and the weaknesses controlled and used as tools of progress, and connects the potential greatness of African-Americans today to the established greatness of ancient ancestors, the Black men and women who once ruled the world. From revealing that Black People were the original human beings, explaining how white people evolved from Black People, and then detailing how the two became so different, TEN LESSONS sets the record straight. People study history in order to gain knowledge of themselves, so African-Americans will serve themselves well by reading TEN LESSONS: AN INTRODUCTION TO BLACK HISTORY.

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