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Pool Maintenance: A Complete Beginners Guide

Pool Maintenance: A Complete Beginners Guide

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Pool Maintenance: A Complete Beginners Guide

43 pages
18 minutes
Jul 16, 2018


Do you have a swimming pool? Do you intend to have one? Are you intending to have one installed or constructed in your home? Swimming pool care and maintenance can never be easier than the detailed guide provide in this book. It is simple, cost-effective way to take care of your swimming pool and maintain it in the neatest way possible.

Swimming pool maintenance is very easy if you have the most basic knowledge of pool care. From the cleaning of your pool, to chemical application, to pool shocking, water treatment, this book has provided a very clear, simple-to-use direction on how to care for your swimming pool in ways that will not cost you so much money.

In this guide, you will learn:

Pool cleaning Basics

A step by step Guide to pool maintenance Pool chemicals and how to use them Water treatment How to prevent your pool from freezing Pool common mistakes to avoid, etc.

If you want more, then get this guide.

Jul 16, 2018

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Pool Maintenance - Desiree K. Grey

Pool Maintenance: A Complete Step By Step Beginners Guide For Maintaining A House Swimming Pool

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