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The Waldensian Church: Her Work, Her Difficulties, Her Hope

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the eminent preacher, scholar and author, came to this country on the
invitation of Princeton Theological Seminary to give a course of lectures to
the students, but the privilege of hearing him was eagerly sought by
institutions of almost every denomination.

His limited stay in this
country prevented his acceptance of many invitations but he lectured at the
following places: Union Theological Seminary; Bible Teachers’ Training School,
New York City; Hartford Theological Seminary; Smith College, Northampton,
Massachusetts; Andover Theological Seminary, Cambridge, Massachusetts;
Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Rochester Theological
Seminary; McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago; Western Theological
Seminary, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville,

Professor Luzzi also made
addresses in many cities at the meetings of the Branches of the American
Waldensian Aid Society and it was especially for this organization that the
lecture was prepared.

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