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Gull Island Calamity: Friday Friends Dinner Club Mystery, #4

289 pages4 hours


The sharks are out in full force, but it's the people who are causing more blood in the water in the beach town of Bayview.

Melody is ready for a beach vacation, unaware of the danger ahead of her. She's on her way to stay in her employer's beach home for a long weekend in the charming seaside town of Bayview.

No guys. No drama. No work deadlines.

Sailboat rides to Gull Island. Reading on the beach. Late, long dinners around the fire pit. Sounds like bliss.

But the mysteries start as soon as Melody pulls into the driveway of Sandy Shores Lane. First, she makes a discovery on the beach that sets the weekend on edge. Then she finds out an ominous cloud hangs over Bayview as a serial killer appears to be picking off influential women one by one.

Olivia, the inquisitive reporter from the East Coast, discovers Melody's sleuthing abilities and persuades Melody to help her solve the case…before someone else gets hurt.

Finding out who the murderer is (and their motive) takes Melody all over the small coastal town, meeting several residents including Seaside Sam, the cranky but helpful seaman, Scotty, the attractive Italian restaurant owner and surfer who takes a liking to Melody plus a gaggle of real estate agents who are up to a lot more than selling beachside real estate.

Even though it isn't the calm, relaxing beach trip Melody planned for, she's in her element, tracking down criminals and figuring out the motive for the lethal crimes. Jillian and Savannah come down to visit and soon the Friday Friends Dinner Club are back together in full force, solving mysteries as they cook, eat and chase criminals together.

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