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The Chronicles of Lorrek



How much would you sacrifice to find out the truth and protect those you love?

Katerina has a lead on the recent string of terrorist attacks throughout the galaxy. Her father's black-opts crew decides to investigate with the help of Lorrek, Vixen, and a few rogue Thymord agents.

Lorrek attempts to step back and not take charge for once, but when he discovers his extended family is involved, all bets are off. He will risk everything to protect his family, but in risking it all, will it cost him everything—and more?

'You're Not Alone' is the eighth book in the Chronicles of Lorrek, a spellbinding science fiction and fantasy series. If you like mystery and suspense mixed with science fiction, magic, and surprise, you'll want to check out this latest book in Kelly Blanchard's fascinating series.

Buy 'You're Not Alone' today and see what all Lorrek stands to lose.

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