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Ask and You Shall Receive Divine Healing: 72 Divine Healing Prayer Points for Daily Use

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One of the greatest desires of man is to LIVE LONG AND HEALTHY. Many are diminished by sicknesses and diseases and millions of people all over the world have died as a result of one sickness or the other.

All over the world we have people who have long-standing sicknesses. They have tried all that they can to be healed but none worked. Many have being suffering for years with no hope of healing. But can healing really be obtained? The answer is "YES!". The sad thing is that a very high percentage of people have resorted to what they call 'fate' or 'my destiny', and because they have tried to change their situation and failed several times they resort to saying that the sickness they are suffering or the state of illness they have found themselves in is their destiny or fate in life. You can change all the negative situations in your life including sickness by the instrument of Word-of-God-based prayers via the principle of ASKING GOD!

No matter how deep a man is in sickness and incapacitation, he can come out of it today by properly applying the instrument of the Word-of-God-based prayers!.

This prayer guide book on obtaining divine healing  and making it work for you, shows you how to pray and get divine healing and provides you with 72 tested, proven, effective and scripture based prayer points for divine healing, perfect health and wellness.

It's a best seller amongst other books written by Ezekiel Benson.

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