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Spiritual Warfare: Tithing, Giving & Hard Work - Apart From Tithing, Giving & Hard Work You Need Spiritual Warfare - Discover why

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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Tithing, Giving & Hard Work - Apart From Tithing, Giving & Hard Work You Need Spiritual Warfare Discover "WHY"

Have you been battling and living under the spell of poverty and stagnancy? Have you tried and worked to get out from being under and still find yourself going deeper into poverty and lack? Do you tithe and give and help out the needy with the aim of prospering and still find yourself not being better than you were? Does it seem as though you have being racing for years without the finish line in sight? Do you desperately desire to prosper and make steady progress?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, then this book was written with you in mind.

The first fact to be established is that the Spiritual Controls The Physical. Nothing happens here on earth without some sort of spiritual influence. The state of poverty and stagnancy that you are experiencing is spiritual. Many feel that tithing alone, giving and hard work is the key to prosperity. But there are people who tithe, give, and work very hard and are still under the spell of poverty and stagnancy. If you find yourself in this condition, then you need to understand further steps you have to take inorder to  combat and overcome the spiritual agents of poverty that are working against you.

Once you apply the principles taught in this book, you will begin to see spiritual changes which will be made manifest in your quality of life and finances. See this exercise as a means of advancing and attaining new heights in your life and finances on a regular basis with guaranteed victory and success. All that is required is faith.

We believe that God will do great and mighty things in your life through this Spiritual Warfare series. We trust that this edition will enhance your spiritual growth and development, and position you for resounding success and prosperity. The life changing word of God based informations in this edition will refresh, transform and prepare you for a very fulfilling, fruitful, and rewarding experience with God's power everyday.

We invite you to enjoy God's glorious presence, love, power and blessings, as you pray these prayers in believing faith

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