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Crimes of Magic



Crimes of Magic: The Wizard’s Sphere by Richard L. King

Private investigator Rachel Chase and her associate, Professor Robert Walker, decide to help Portland Police Detective Jack Avery find a magician named Harry Blackstone who mysteriously escaped from jail after being arrested for stealing a Ferrari and an iron box. The iron box contains a magical sphere that belongs to the Wizard Gabriel who hires Rachel and the Professor to find and retrieve the sphere. Rachel and the Professor use magic to track Harry Blackstone and search for the sphere while another magician’s two henchmen try to capture Rachel. Emotions run high when both Detective Avery and the Professor are romantically attracted to Rachel.

Length: 51,500 words.

This book, Crimes of Magic: The Wizard’s Sphere, is the second book in the Crimes of Magic series. The first book is Crimes of Magic: The Witch’s Artifact.

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