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A Wolf Affair Trilogy Boxed Set

620 pages9 hours


"Paranormal romance author Eileen Sheehan is taking the world by storm with stories that will make you laugh, cry, angry, sad, and just plain happy you read them. As she climbs the ladder of author popularity, she brings to you fresh new stories that will entertain you with a few thrills, a bit of mystery, and , of course, romance. I'm glad I found her while she's still up and coming and the books are still at a great price!" A. G.

DESCRIPTION Book One: When Missy's mother moves her and her brother to their ancestral home in the mountains of New York, she discovers that the hills are filled with werewolves. Not just in the hills, but they're in her family as well. Targeted to become a mate to a sexy, but overly possessive werewolf neighbor in this very surreal world that's run by them, she seeks the help of her non-werewolf lover, Kenton. Can he keep her safe? What will she do when she discovers that he's not a werewolf, but he's also not A human? Filled with action, mystery, and mythical creatures, a Wolf Affair is sure to keep you turning pages.

Description Book Two: As Missy and Kenton prepare for the ensuing battle with the werewolves of Wolf Mountain, Godwin is brought in to assist Missy in getting in touch with her inherent magic. As her magic comes forth, so do secrets Kenton and Maryanne would rather stay hidden. New love arrives in the form of a hot and sexy fairy who is reluctant to tell Missy all there is to tell. As a result, her life is changed forever.

Filled with action, thrill, sexy love scenes, and drama, Wolf Mountain will pull on your emotions while it continues the story where a Wolf Affair left off.

Description Book Three: The war between the supernaturals of Wolf Mountain rages on when Missy's long lost grandparents appear and she learns that she is of royal fairy blood. Dissatisfied with her choice in love, her grandfather not only tries to persuade her to rethink her choice in men, but he wants her to carry on his legacy - which was something her father rejected and the reason why she'd been raised as a human until after he died. With her mother now a wolf and her true love a vampire, Missy must decide between living the life she'd grown to love on Wolf Mountain or ruling a kingdom that she'd never known existed, but found to be a fascinating and pleasurable place to be.

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