The Vampire Noctuaries

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The Vampire Noctuaries

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: series


After the fateful night Elric DuBois is violently robbed of his humanity, he never dares to question why. Fearing what motives may have dragged him into this nightmare, Elric simply accepts his grim fate and revels in what he has become. Through his loveaffair with the young Helle Tompkins, his rage and anguish are sated. Helle braves to ask the questions her man was horrified to have answered. Upon the stage of an insidious carnival, Annwn's Obsidian Sideshow & Maelstrom Festival, two hundreds years of DuBois family secrets begin to be revealed. As the performance unfolds, Helle and Elric discover they are being played for fools by the motherly shadows which created them. How fierce burns their lust for vengeance when the truth is uncovered? Shall they be destroyed by their puppetmasters or will evil incarnate cower before the wrath of Helle and Elric DuBois?

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