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Bishop wanted to enjoy the simple things in life. She lived in a quaint, Victorian-style house with an incredible view of the Rocky Mountains. Bishop worked at an adult club. It wasn't the best job, but it paid the bills. Things improved when the club was sold and then renovated into a beautiful dream. It had a goddess theme and a new name, Temptress. 

Topher was in Denver to visit his new club. He was drawn to the raven-haired beauty behind the bar. Topher realized they had met years before. He confirmed there was mutual attraction and left his contact information. A month later, Topher hadn't heard from Bishop, but an incident at Temptress will prompt him to return.

Their chemistry was constant, but family issues, jealousy, past trauma, and untold truths will bring a circumstance that will force them to confront their pain. Topher knew that Bishop was the sweet exception to the rules he made, and the ones he would break to have her.  

*Adult Fiction, contains sexual content.

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