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After 11 years in an institution for the criminally insane, Colin, formerly a celebrated concert pianist, escapes with the help of a kitchen worker who recognizes that Colin’s gifts are being wasted. But he must find a way to avoid recapture in the world outside, first in the rough Tennessee mountain woods where he finds himself. He has no experience with any environment except New York City, where he grew up, recording studios, and the world’s concert halls. The anti-psychotic drugs he has been fed during his incarceration have left it difficult to focus or think clearly. He has no money, no identification, no food, and only institutional clothes, but he gradually develops coping abilities as he confronts different, and sometimes ugly, environments. Eventually, he stumbles on Marie, a woman his age (mid 60s) with her own difficult, rebellious, background. She takes on Colin’s current problems and his rehabilitation as her cause. Together, they experience adventures as they run from recapture. They gradually mesh closer as Colin finally learns of, and engages in, life.

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