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Jalinda Series



Beneath Jalinda Stars is the second book in the Jalinda series.

Back on Jalinda Station for her mother's wedding to head stockman Jay, Bella finds herself coming face to face with the two people she’s been avoiding. She hasn’t seen Pete since their relationship ended eleven months ago, in which time she had found herself a new love and moved on with her life. But when life threw her a curve ball only two weeks before the wedding Bella decides to head to Jalinda Station earlier than planned. It’s back here, in the South Australian outback that Bella must face Pete, the only man she has ever loved, and her sister. How many lives would her sister ruin with her visit to Jalinda? Would she set her sights on Brock and Annie? Bella thought so. No one was safe when Steph was around, no one. What good could possibly come from seeing either of them Bella didn’t know, but she had no choice. She couldn’t miss Sophia’s wedding. It was time to put on her big girl panties and deal with it.

Pete couldn’t believe Bella, the only woman he’d ever loved, was back at Jalinda. The only course of action would be to avoid her at all costs, he’d have to, it was the only way to protect him from being hurt again. It had been eleven months since Bella ended their relationship and he didn’t have a clue why. Despite his best efforts to keep his distance from her every time he turned around they were together, mostly thanks to Annie and the other stockmen. They had no choice but to sort out their differences, and things seemed to be going along just fine until Bella’s sister arrived. Could they get past the mess that Steph had caused and give Jay and Sophia the wedding day they deserved?

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