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Victoriana Trilogy



She is in service. He is an aristocrat. Will they dare cross this invisible line?
Windsor Castle, late 1850s. Separated by the class barrier, handsome Nicholas Forbes-Mannering and young kitchen apprentice Charmian Kintrairy cannot ignore their mutual attraction. But conventions are strong, and as their love grows they struggle to find equal footing.
When Charmian discovers her mysterious family history, she is convinced their differences are insurmountable. Nicholas is distantly related to Queen Victoria, so Charmian is unwilling to ruin his life. She pretends to be betrothed to someone else, yet Nick, curious as to why she never speaks of her fiancé, still tries to win her. Discovering the truth and angered by what he believes is her duplicity, Nick is cleverly trapped by another young woman who—finding herself pregnant—plays on his sympathy. Charmian is convinced that Nick is now truly lost to her forever and, disillusioned and broken-hearted, she looks for a way of escape.
Can she use her culinary skills to make a new life in a new land? And will she find the courage to hold fast to her faith and face up to the ghosts of her past?
When her life finally delivers the success she had hoped for, a tragic event causes their paths to cross again.

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