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Broken Record

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Sometimes I wonder if my dreams will ever come true. 

I've neglected everything else, including my relationships, to reach my goal of getting a record deal. I moved out to LA when I was eighteen just to have a shot at becoming a recording artist. I had so much hope then... But I'm not getting any younger. 

Maybe there is one last opportunity to follow my dreams, though. It comes in the form of Heather, a very successful owner of one of the most famous recording studios in the city. Through her, I might actually have a shot. 

But I'm not ready for all the feelings that come with meeting her.

I haven't had a lot of luck in my romantic life.

My business may be very successful and I'm grateful for that, but I'm lonely. The only family I have is my grandmother and every romantic relationship I get into doesn't seem to pan out. I want to find happiness, but it feels just out of reach. No woman I meet really clicks for me. 

Until I meet Lindsay, a stunning young musician looking for a record deal. I have to admit, I was initially very attracted to her. But I have to stuff those feelings down. She's straight and even if she wasn't, she's too young for me. A girl in her mid twenties isn't going to be interested in a woman nearing her mid thirties. 

No matter how much I tell myself to, though, I can't seem to stay away. Am I fooling myself into think she's interested in me too?

This is a standalone lesbian romance novel and also contains a preview of my upcoming release.

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