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Ronan's Dinosaur

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Shortlisted for the STATE LITERARY AWARDS 2019

"This was a sweet and engaging tale for kids! very reminiscent of the Micheal Morpurgo books. The protagonist Ronan is a shy, timid child who, through the help of his dinosaur friend Scoot, learns how to be brave. The writing is clever, funny and fast-paced. A thoroughly enjoyable read." - Thilani Samarasinghe (author) 

Do you love DINOSAURS? Do you wish you could actually meet one? Go on a journey of discovery to an exotic place and share the joys and fears of a young boy who was lucky enough to do just that...

Ronan is dealing with a crisis. He and his parents have just moved into an old mansion to look after his Grandmother who requires assistance. Ronan is very introverted and anxious about anything new and even refuses to venture into the overgrown garden. 

Everything changes when he makes an unexpected friend - a dinosaur. Scoot introduces the young boy to new experiences, new adventures, and new friends (including an Archaeopteryx) and helps him gain some self-confidence. However, all good things must come to an end...and more change and upheaval are on the way...

Moving home, the illness of a loved one, loneliness can all lead to childhood anxiety. This chapter book shows that help can come from the most surprising of places, and all you really need is FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP to overcome your problems. 

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