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Truth: The Bitter Love to Swallow

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DeMorris, transitioning from high school to college, can’t catch a break from his exacting father who wishes for him to get a job and stop laying around the house. By a stroke of luck one day, he landed a job at a theater close to his house. In the midst of the long days of work behind the concession stands and cleaning theaters, he caught the interest of a fellow co-worker, Vanessa. While DeMorris was starting to mature through his studies in college and working, Vanessa was still in her testing phase of life as a high school senior. His life would be twisted as Vanessa would take him on a roller coaster ride outside the green-zone he stayed in throughout his entire life, into the deepest, darkest depths of Los Angeles’ tribal neighborhoods. How far will he go and how much will he sacrifice to have his first love his only love?

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