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Detective Jones and the Shepherd's Cattle

186 pages2 hours


In the streets of Trinity City, darkness lurks at every corner. Crime runs rampant, corruption is just another walk in life, and those who choose to walk a path of righteousness become victims at the hands of predators in the darkest corners of the city. Some forms of darkness go undetected by the human eye, but not under Detective Jones’s. Since a child, Detective Jones has had a gift to see beyond the natural realm of this earth. Such a gift has made Detective Jones be seen as the best Detective in the world. There isn’t a case that he can’t solve and there isn’t a case that he refuses to solve. In this gritty mystery, Detective Jones races against time to bring down a very violent cult that’s running rampant throughout the city. But, this time, Detective Jones isn’t the only one who’s doing the hunting. Evil shadows lurk in the alleyways, but little do they know, Detective Jones is always one step ahead.

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