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Embodiment of Christ

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The Church of God is the embodiment of Christ here on earth and for all eternity. God will continue to inhabit His people, and His people will continue to live in Him and worship His majesty forever .The Church is a body of saints being prepared as the Bride of Christ to be married to Him at His second coming. The Church of God on earth is the representation of His personality and also a meeting place of God and man, created as a means of uniting all people with God and with one another. The manifold wisdom of God, His mysteries, His nature, character and His attributes are revealed through His Church. Among all of God's creatures, He did not find any of them worthy to be His dwelling place. However, He specifically designed and built His Church to be His dwelling place: a place of His rest. God cherishes His Church so much that He showers much care on her, and through her, He spreads Himself across the face of the earth.

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