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Jack Wolfe: On the Trail of Murder

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It is October 1854 - Jack Wolfe and his friend Bull are both soldiers caught up in the middle of the war raging in the Crimea. A bloody affair that surely couldn’t get any worse, that is until soldiers start turning up murdered in horrific ways. When superior officers won’t admit there’s a murderer, Jack makes it his personal mission to catch the killer on his own. He is just starting to close in when the war ends and the trail goes cold. Civilian life leaves Jack with time on his hands. Undeterred, he continues his pursuit driven by the nagging thought that the killer is still out there somewhere. In this historical tale, from the Crimean war to a sleepy mill town in Lancashire with suspicious goings on, to the start of the American Civil war, Jack Wolfe follows adventure across Europe and into America on a determined quest for justice.

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