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Border Wall - A Novel of Our Time

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A new president has been elected who strongly believes in border security. His promise to solve the illegal immigration problems during his campaign weighs heavily on him. When he asks his cabinet to bring him ideas on how to solve the problem, it filters down to a Border Patrol agent in Arizona, and his friend Kevin Whitford, who he remembers had a lot of things to say about the subject a couple of years ago.

In the meantime, a group of terrorists have crossed the border and are headed to NYC to stage an attack on New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Kevin's ideas make it to the president, who enlists him to develop a plan to secure the border.....and more..... that you will find out by reading the book.

Although this is a fictional novel, I have real-time ideas and solutions, such as how to secure the entire Tucson Sector of Arizona for $84 million dollars

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